Thursday, February 26, 2015

Strolling Through the North End

Today during my lunch break I decided to brave the cold and take a walk through the North End in Boston. In keeping with avoiding every bakery (my soul aches to admit that) I tried to just take a few photos of the every day beauty of what makes Boston such a great city. 

 These little duckies and gulls hang out right by my work. Winter doesn't stop them from swimming. Not. One. Bit. 
 Who can resist a red door hidden among bricks? One day when I buy a house, it will have red doors. Or maybe I'll go all the way and just have a red house! 
 Brick apartments are such an integral part of the city of Boston. Especially in the North End. And hello--does anyone else want a cool gold lion on the top of their door? I do. I definitely need one in my life.
 A sneak peak of the harbor sandwiched between every shade of red and orange brick. Just call me Moses because the seas of snow have parted. 
 I had this alley all to and the brick buildings were bonding. 
Some lucky squirrel or pigeon is going to have a party with this treasure trove of bread crumbs. No Joke. 

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