Oh hello! My name is Kate Arabatzis, a baker and lover of all things edible.

 Growing up number four of seven raised in the small town of Saco, Maine, the kitchen was always my favorite part of the house. I have fond memories of my mother singing along to the voices of Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and Andrea Bocelli while making spanakopita, pork roasts, and chicken and potatoes "στο φουρνο" or "in the oven".   She is the reason I can't resist the sight of a chocolate bar; why would I even want to? My father taught me that extra virgin olive oil is the food of the gods. He still believes the biggest struggle of a Greek is trying to figure what to add to olive oil to make it better when cooking. 

 Now I live in the cozy bustle of Boston, Massachusetts. Whether I'm out swing dancing until midnight or just peeking into shops on Newbury Street, there is so much the city offers, and I want to try it all! 

Food is what brings people together. In sorrow, food is comfort. In joy, food is a celebratory luxury. It fills people and it fills me to create something that cultivates the moments in which life is richest. 

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