Monday, February 9, 2015

Day Trip to Portland, Maine

Went to Portland Maine for a day trip this past Saturday. It's an easy two and a half hour trip from Boston, so Alexis and I sang along to Mumford and Sons for the WHOLE car ride. Our friend Christian didn't seem to mind too much….
 Went into a coffee shop… but only cared about the chocolate.
 Found some cool graffiti in the city, so naturally someone had to pose in front of it. Alexis is a total babe. 
Java spills can happen while walking through slush.
 My best friend Alexis (that's right; I took this photo all by myself) on the left and my younger sister Taxia on the right.
They said "Oh we'll just share one." Naturally I interpreted that as "let's get two". Guess who had to go get a third cookie?

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