Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekend in Chicago

 When traveling it's important to start off with ice-cream in anticipation of eating delicious treats for the entire vacation. 
 My sister Kristina (left) and our cousin Anna (right) were thick as thieves for the whole weekend. 
 The Baby (yes I refer to the youngest born as baby; that will be her name forever) is becoming such a stylish little lady. That hat! 
 While eating out I couldn't help capturing Anna's silly nature.
 Aren't they just fabulous?
 I basically played paparazzi hehehe. 
 My sister the style icon. 
 Of course there was an expectation that we would make cookies...but we ate them so fast there are no pictures! 
Ladies to lunch in the city! A relaxing long weekend is the best kind. 

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