Monday, June 29, 2015

Tatte Bakery- Beacon Street, Brookline

These meringues looked to die for. Not to mention that each one was the size of a grown man's hand!
 A little mint lemonade to go with that brioche and cinnamon bun?
 I had my first ever pastrami sandwich. Definitely a future repeat.  
 I may have taken a bite or two of Alexi's pistacio mousse cake. So light and decadent, but only for those who loooooove pistacio. 
 Three friends, three treats.
 Just kidding; we couldn't let a slice of chocolate mousse cake pass us by. 
 Then naturally a walk down Beacon Street was in order on such a lovely evening out. 
Good friends, good treats, can't ask for a better summer evening. 

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